31 October 2007

I tried applying for the Melbourne Cup that's on Tuesday but they said I wasn't a horse. I also went trick-or-treating. I didn't get anything because they said my "monkey costume" wasn't scary enough. It wasn't even a costume. Tomorrow it's my birthday and i'm getting one of those new iPod nanos. I've already got The Monkeys CD and i'm going to put King Kong on it as well.


Best snow season in 15 years

Just yesterday on Saturday the 7th July every single run was open. I'm still trying to find out the last time this happened but it is pretty rare. A few days ago the news was going around that it is the best snow season in ten years. Now it's been changed to to fifteen years. Talk about global warming, it's probably doing the opposite.

Below: Every light on the Lift Status Board is on.


Grey Snow

I just heard that Hotham is going to use recycled water to to make snow. They said its going to be 100% the same as the original man made snow. Just remember not to eat snow off the runs!


Hotham Blog

Welcome to the first Hotham Blog. At the moment there is a lot  more snow than there was last year. It is looking to be a good snow season ahead. As the season progresses I will keep you informed with the latest information and photos. To keep up to date with this info subscribe to my RSS feed. Lets all hope the snow season goes well.

Mt Hotham